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Fort Gordon, Georgia

Award of Excellent in Paving, 1998 American Concrete Institute, Georgia Chapter

Featured in ENR (Engineering News Record), August 4, 1997


This project for the Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District, allows each of the three battalions, the 201st, the 202nd and the 297th, to each have their own identity with an entrance way and all amenities related to each of those battalions located together, along with a C & E Maintenance and an IEW Maintenance Wing. All areas are connected by a common corridor serving shared classrooms, breakroom and shower/latrine facilities while maintenance vehicle and shop vehicle access is in the rear. The building is skewed to give both large and small vehicles easy access to each maintenance bay. Design included paint storage, hazardous materials storage, and a generator shop for each battalion located in individual remote outbuildings of matching architectural appearance allowing easy access between these areas and the maintenance bays.

This $8.9 million project incorporates three(3) 8-door high bay maintenance garages (13,000 square feet each) with a consolidated 24,000 square feet administration and classroom area. The facility encompasses a paved area of over 1 million square feet capable of accommodating 400 Military Vehicles and 151 Privately Owned Vehicles. The 8" thick concrete pavement is capable of supporting Military Vehicles weighing up to 50 Tons.

The Common Building is a separate one-story structure linked to the dormitories by covered walks at each end. It contains the recreation and support facilities for the dormitory residents including self-service laundry mat, lounge/recreation spaces, vending, mailboxes, dorm managers office and bulk storage cages. The Common Building, including its covered patio, connecting covered walkways, and covered front entrance, encompasses 688 square meters.

Civil design of this 25.5 acre project site included POV Parking, Rigid Pavement Design for the construction of hardstand, primarily for Military Vehicles (MV), Flexible Pavement for Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) access roads and parking areas, a combination of underground drainage systems and open grassed or paved overland flow system and underground utility systems. The hardstand had to be durable, require minimum maintenance, and be capable of carrying an extremely heavy load.

The hardstand was made of state-of-the-art Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC); proven to be cost effective, expedite construction process and allow early occupation of the pavement. RCC is a state-of-the-art construction method which utilizes very little water, allowing the Contractor to pour a large continuous area without construction joints. RCC expedites the construction process by minimizing the concrete curing period. The concrete pavement may be walked on less than one hour after casting. In addition, construction of RCC pavement costs 15% less than the conventional cast-in-place method.

The Contractor completed the entire hardstand in twenty two (22) paving days, averaging 50,000 square feet per day. Construction of the entire project was completed on time and within budget. Government Representatives are extremely pleased with the result.

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