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Fort Gordon


A "fast track" design, this facility is located at the center of the post. The state of the art facility includes dormitory and living quarters, training areas, offices, an apparatus room for six (6) fire engines, hazardous material medical storage and equipment storage rooms. The facility was designed in two months, including the Governments' review time. Because the structure is located in Seismic Zone 2A and is an essential facility, sophisticated seismic and wind loads were incorporated into the structural analysis. Isolation joints were placed in this long structure at both sides of the high bay to prevent torsional rotation. A light gage metal roof system was used to minimize both weight and cost. A high bay was required for the apparatus room.

The civil design of this 17,500 m2 project site included Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) parking, rigid pavement design for emergency vehicles, flexible pavement for POV parking access drives, storm drainage, water and sewer systems, a detention pond, grading and erosion control. Grading the site for both ADA requirements and proper drainage was a challenge. The construction documents were prepared in metric units (SI).


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