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Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina - For: LS3P Associates, Ltd.

Winner of the 1999 Air Mobility Command Design Award

"[The project] exemplifies our continuing focus on quality facilities and work environment for our people."

General L. Dean Fox, United States Air Force, Director of Civil Engineering at Headquarters of AMC,
Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.


This $10 million project involved a site adaptation of a COE-Savannah design of a modular dormitory with some modifications. A new Common Building was also designed. Our portion included extensive civil design work including grading, storm drainage, utilities, erosion and sediment control and pavement. Structural responsibilities included the design of the Dormitory foundation as well as the complete structural design of the new Common Building.

The Dormitory Complex consists of two, three-story Dormitory buildings configured around an elegant open-ended courtyard closed at the south end by the Common Building. Demolition of an existing pool house and parking lot was required. The total scope with all options will house 168 residents. Each dormitory building is 2,393 square meters with all options included. Two dormitories are connected by elevated pedestrian bridges intersecting 90 degrees at a tower. The tower, along with 42 linear meters of colonnades, will serve as the focal point of the Complex. Each enlisted military personnel will have his or her own private room with all the modern conveniences.

The Common Building is a separate one-story structure linked to the dormitories by covered walks at each end. It contains the recreation and support facilities for the dormitory residents including self-service laundry mat, lounge/recreation spaces, vending, mailboxes, dorm managers office and bulk storage cages. The Common Building, including its covered patio, connecting covered walkways, and covered front entrance, encompasses 688 square meters.

The project was designed utilizing MicroStation software in metric units (SI).

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