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Moody AFB, Georgia


The project design consisted of a four bay, Small Aircraft Maintenance Dock (total floor area - 50,000 S.F.) hangar with each bay spanning approximately 100 feet square with two-way trusses. The hangar roof was a single slope which drains towards the back of the hangar. Administration offices, shops and classrooms are situated in the low roof areas between the hangar bays. The project also consisted of an 11& thick concrete apron to satisfy the weak soil conditions encountered in the area. Personnel parking area; sanitary and storm sewers; electrical and mechanical equipment; oil traps, etc. were also included in our in-house design. The shop and office will accommodate 100 personnel.


We studied seven different structural schemes, including one-way trusses, rigid frames and concrete structure, etc. before the final design was chosen. It is always our policy to satisfy ourselves and give the client the best solution. Due to funding reduction, only 3 of the 4 bays were constructed. However, provisions for future expansion were made. The construction of the structure as designed was so economical and the interior useable space was optimized, we were told that the Government intended to use this design as a prototype.


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