September 14, 2005

Valdosta, GA -- The local engineering firm of KYCA, Inc. is commissioned to design a series of complicated pedestrian bridges for the Florida Department of Transportation.  In corporation with KBJ Architects of Orlando, it is a part of the $88 million Multimodal Facility Project at the Orlando International Airport (OIA) North Station.

KYCA’s responsibility is to suspend two 110’ and one 210’ clear span bridges from the existing huge skylight AGT Station Lobby roof. They also will add an exterior 66’ and another 330’ clear span long bridges connecting the Landside Terminal to the new proposed Railroad Station. The station is a part of the High Speed and Light Gauge Railroad system crossing the Florida peninsular from Tampa to Cape Kennedy. The transfer tower required for emergency exits can be utilized for the transmission of vertical and lateral forces from the bridges. The longest bridge will have a width up to 28’, wider than a double-lane highway, and consist of two mechanically powered people movers.

Hailed as one of the most beautiful airports in the world as well as most functional, OIA won numerous engineering excellent awards in the past in which
KYCA provided the structural engineering.

“It is a big challenge to place a slim bridge 60 feet in the air n the hurricane prone State of Florida. The bridge will need to be structurally elegant while avoiding conflict with the daily functionality of an existing busy airport, as well as its existing surrounding structures during construction,”
--- said the
Project Engineer for KYCA, Jeffrey S. Chiu, P.E., CSE.